Monday, November 24, 2008

Browsing for Gifts

I have not posted anything in a while. It has been hectic here for the past 2 weeks, sick kids, my oldest had an accident that left her with fractured ribs and so forth. Things are getting better though and I had some time to go "WINDOW SHOPPING" and I found some goodies!!!

This first item I found by browsing the children's section on etsy! This is from seller dara43 and her clip really caught my eye!

This is so BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like she took a great deal of time to get it just right. The colors are so perfectly complimentary to each other and of course is just right for the HOLIDAY SEASON!!! It sort of looks like a yummy chunk of sugar rock candy!!! Click on the picture to take you to the listing itself and if you buy this clip..tell dara43 that I sent ya!

Well this next item just gave me baby fever all around. Ive made booties before, but never like this!!!

AREN'T THESE THE MOST ADORABLE BOOTIES EVER!!! These booties are made by the seller funkyshapes Now I wish my girls were still babies!!! My best friend is having a baby and you can rest assure that when this kiddo is born, he or she will be getting a basket of baby booties for all occasions from this shop! I mean look at the workmanship, it looks so detailed and she has other booties too cute to pass up. Click on the pick to take you to this listing.

So how about something for mom. Moms always love jewelry. Katherinescreations has a wonderful assortment of jewelry but this one I just love.

Doesn't this look wonderful? The colors are perfect for fall fashions. This is perfect for casual every day wear or something to wear for a Holiday ball with the perfect Yule Tide Dress! The colors are so beautiful. You can click the pic to take you to this listing.

Well I hope you liked this weeks Browsing for Gifts blog post! Remember that I have advertising spots on my side bar here on this blog. Right now it is free. After the New Year it will be charging 20.00 for 2 week spots. Oh and everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Be safe on Black Friday. Watch out for CRAZY SHOPPERS!!!

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