Friday, October 24, 2008

Heart Spun Crochet

So my first interview is from the owner of Heart Spun Crochet. She crochets the most amazing things! I love her bag down there and she makes the most awesome crocheted baby hats, makes me want to go have another baby! ;o)

After your done reading the article...please visit her site on etsy...

What is the background for you business name?
When I first started crocheting, it was something that I only did for my babies. After a lot of encouragement, I decided to start selling my crochet. It is something that I do with much care, and I am so passionate about it, I put my whole heart in to it, so Heartspun Crochet was named.

What kinds of things do you make and sell?
I make exclusively crocheted items. I mostly do items for babies, but I am starting to add items for the whole family.

What and when did you first get the crafting itch?
I first learned how to crochet when I was 13, but stopped for a long time. When I got pregnant for the first time, my mom gave me some beautiful hand crocheted blankets and baby clothes that she was saving from my nursery. I thought these things were so special, and I wanted to be able to pass on my own creations to my children.

What inspires you when you are crafting?
I like things that make people say "wow, where'd you get that?" I like to make original items, things that you could never find in a store. I like to think that the people who purchase my crochet will think it's as special as I do.

Do you want this to expand as a great business or is this just something you love and like to sell?I think we would all like to make a fortune doing something we love. :) My only goal in this is to share something great with people, and to do something I love.

We know crafting is in our blood...but what else do you do when your NOT crafting?
When I am not crafting I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for the interview and the great questions.

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